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2015 Halloween Invitational

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Sandusky Travels to Akron for the Second Bout of the Season

March 23, 2015

The girls' second bout of the season was on Saturday, March 21st in Akron, Ohio. SRG played Rubber City in the second bout of a double header. Our players played hard, and put up a fight until the end, keeping the score low. It's safe to say both teams were quite exhausted by the end of the second period as they finished up with a final score of 56-187.

MVP Jammer went to Truffle Shuffle and MVP Blocker to Irish Insanity

Sandusky Rollergirls would like to give a huge thanks to Rubber City for hosting us, and congratulations on the win. We'll see you next year!


The 2015 Season Has Begun!

January 2015

It's that time again: time to clean the dust off our skates, get the funk out of our gear, lay down the track, and get back to derby!

After a fun and exciting 2014 season, the Sandusky Rollergirls took a much deserved break for the months of November and December. Now it's a new year and a new season, so the girls are back at it. We are practicing hard, planning on practicing harder, and revving up for an exciting season.

This season will bring bouts against some familiar faces, including the Gem City Rollergirls of Dayton, Ohio, and the Central Ohio Roller Dolls of Akron, Ohio. We have always had great bouts against these teams, and look forward to playing both teams again. We also have some new rivals this season: Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby from Olean, New York, Dire Skates in Richmond, Indiana, Nightmares on Main Street from Corry, Pennsylvania, and we've finally arranged a long overdue matchup with our friends, the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky.

We hope our fans can join us at our home bouts this year. Be sure to check the schedule, and mark our home games on your calendar! As always, our home games start at 6pm at the Erie County Fairgrounds.

We hope to make the 2015 season the best season yet for our players and our fans, and we look forward to seeing you at our bouts!


The Sandusky Rollergirls Play Their First Bout of the Season!

March 4, 2015

The Sandusky Rollergirls made the long trek down to Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, February 28th to play their first bout of the season. The team took on the Violet Femmes of the Gem City Rollergirls in the last game of the league's home opener triple header.

Both teams put up a great fight! Your Sandusky Rollergirls lead the bout throughout most of the first half, just barely losing the lead as they went into half-time. The girls got a pep talk from a former Sandusky Rollergirl, who came up from Kentucky to support the team, and they were ready for the second half. SRG got some MONSTER hits on the Violet Femmes' jammers in the second half, and the SRG jammers exhausted themselves trying to take back the lead, but a few too many penalties for the team kept the lead just out of reach for the rest of the night. We were head to head the whole bout, but the Violet Femmes took a much deserved win. The final score was SRG 171, GCRG 227. Truffle Shuffle walked away with MVP jammer, and Hippie Check took MVP blocker.

Of course, the teams settled their differences at the after party.

SRG gives a huge THANK YOU to the Gem City Rollergirls for having us. We always have a blast playing with you guys. We can't wait to do it again next season! Congratulations to BOTH leagues for an awesome first bout of the season!

Don't forget to check out the photos from the bout in the gallery!

1...2...3... S-R-G!